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I have always enjoyed playing light gun games. Like many others, I played them on the Arcades and then on the old consoles and loved them. At some point, probably when TV’s started improving, I drifted away but I had always wanted to play them on the big tvs that we had now.

Recently, that idea re-woke and I started looking into it. I realized that it was indeed possible to play these games on big tvs using emulators.

I am quite good with computers but even I found the next steps difficult. You have to work everything out for yourself and find all of the info out from different sources. It’s hard to work out on most emulators whether they even support lightguns at all.

I’ve worked a lot of it out but there are still loads of unanswered questions and more games are becoming playable all the time.

That’s why I started I wanted to provide a place where you could find out all of the information on how to play any of the classics on modern hardware and TV’s. What games were available, what emulators were the best to play them on and how to set it all up to get the best experience. As well, a place to find out the best hardware and lightgun options to use and how to integrate it all.

Ideally so that when new people try to get set up playing lightgun games, they have a much easier time.

It turns out that there is a huge amount to cover though – so if you are interested in Light gun Gaming and would like to help make this site a great resource for people then I’d love to hear from you. 

I am particularly looking for:

  • Reviews on your favorite light gun games.
  • Guides on light gun games.
  • Guides on setting up emulators.
  • Reviews and guides on VR Shooters
  • Reviews etc on your favorite Lightguns.
  • Guides on setting up front ends for the best experience.

Anything else that you think would be useful to newcomers or experienced lightgun gamers.

If you would like the help in any way  then please get in touch using the form below or in the comments.



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