House of the Dead 3

House of the Dead 3

The house of the Dead 3 is a zombie shooting game and one of the most popular and also most compatible light gun game out there. You can play it on the Xbox, Wii, PC, Dreamcast as well as in the Arcades. This makes it one of the most accessible light gun games out there.

House of the Dead 3 was released on a lot of systems – So you can play it on:

  • PC
  • PS3
  • WII
  • Arcade
  • Xbox

I have been playing this on the pc version. You can pick up the disk for pennies (assuming you have a cd drive still) and you can avoid any additional hassle with emulation.

House of the Dead 3 Images

House of the Dead 3 Walkthrough

Xbox Walkthrough –

PC Walkthrough –

Arcade walkthrough:

House of the Dead 3 Playthrough

This is a long video but here is a full playthrough of the Arcade version:

House of the Dead 3 Tips

Here are a few tips to make HOTD3 a bit easier:

Free play:

Successfully complete the game with an “A” range. Enter the options screen and select “House of the dead 3”. Now you can increase the credits past the nine until “Free Play” appears Alternately, play well and get better than an “A” range one or more times during the game at the point where you lose all your credits. This works best in one player mode.

Easily complete the game:

Set options in 9 credits, 5 fire things, and you should be playing with a light gun Place the light gun in automatic fire so that if you keep the trigger pressed It will shoot more bullets faster. You can easily defeat the giant opponent. With The four-legged monster must have very good aim for the full effect of the bullets from the gun. The last silver boss is the most difficult. Shoot the blades once and they will disappear, shoot the lighting once and also disappear. When he turns the bronze, he keeps shooting and eventually he will die.

Bonus Time!:

To obtain the bonuses, you and or your partner need to play without using a continue. The Bonuses are found just before reaching the final boss.
If you choose the parking entrance, continue to the “security guard” chases you twice After the second time, look to your right and you’ll see from three to four barrels. One of them has a bonus. If you do it well enough, you will get some boxes with items in them before facing Wheel Of Fate.

Alternative Endings:

After seeing Rogan and G finish talking, you will see Daniel and Lisa talking. Lisa will start walking in front of Daniel and he will tell you to wait, he will then start talking to himself. Then they will leave.
After seeing Rogan and G finish talking, you will see Daniel and Lisa talking the same thing will happen, but then you will see a truck in motion. After that you will see the last zombie driving the car. Lisa will say “Go slug bastards, “and start running.

House of the Dead 3 Bosses

You can find a complete list of bosses from house of the dead as well as how to defeat them here:

Its worth reading up on these as you can waste a lot of time and lives aiming for the wrong place. Most of the bosses have very specific hit areas.

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How can I play House of the Dead 3

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House of the Dead 3 PC

House of the Dead 3 Dreamcast

House of the Dead 3 Wii

House of the dead 3 and 2

The House of the dead 3 can be played on The Wii as part of the House of the dead 2 and 3 game – Unsurprisingly containing both 2 and 3!

Its a good port of both game and has all the options that you would expect. Most importantly you can turn the cross hairs off if you are playing with a real light gun.

I play this version on the Dolphin emulator

House of the Dead 3 XBOX

House of the Dead 3 6

House of the Dead 3 Arcade

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