House of the Dead 4

House of the Dead 4 was a new one to me. It only ever came out in the arcades and not to any other consoles.

Correction: House of the Dead 4 was also released on ps3. It may become playable on RPCS3 at some point and I will put up a guide for that when I get to it.

I think that by the time it was released, lightgun gaming at home was dying out.

On the plus side, because it is more recent, the graphics are noticeably better than the earlier House of the Dead Games.

House of the Dead 4 was released on the Sega Lindenburgh arcade system. That’s one of the ones that are very close to a PC which means that its nice and easy for us to emulate.

You will need a copy of the game – I suggest that ou search google for a download.

The Teknoparrot emulator. You will need an older version of the emulator because of compatibility issues with Demulshooter.

Check out the Demulshooter Wiki in case anything changes but at the time of writing you need version 112 which you can get here.

I’m not going to rewrite the instructions because you can find them on the wiki.

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