PCSX2 is a great emulator that lets you play your ps2 games on your pc. Its simple to set up, is compatible with most games and lets you masivle improve the graphics (depending on your hardware)

Tou can find some detailed background at Wikipedia:


You will need the PCSX program, a bios from your ps2 system, the nuvee light gun plugin and a backup ISO of the game that you want to play.

How to install PCSX2 and the Nuvee light gun plugin:


Download PCSX2:


Download the Nuvee light gun plugin to let you use your light gun:


Another good tutorial on getting PCSX2 set up:


Here is a video walking you through how to set up your lightgun with nuvee and pcsx2:

Enhancing graphics


GEtting your games to work in PCSX2 automatically.

PCSX2 works really well but expecially with light gun games, you often need a different setup with each game. Also, setting up Nuvee can be a bit awkward untill you get your head around it.

Here is a great link detailing how to set up the gun games:


And also, a useful plugin if you are using Launchbox that will help you configure per game configs:


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