Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC

The Sega Model 2 arcade system had some of the classics of the genre. Its also one of the easiest systems to emulate (from an end user point of view)

We can basically just install it, point it to your ROMS and you are good to go. It will recognize our mouse/light gun out of the box.

There are a couple of things that its nice to know ahead of time like how to calibrate your light gun and how to press start!

So this will be a quick run through.

Get the model 2 emulator here:

Just pick the latest version.

You will have to fine your own roms. They aren’t difficult to find though with a quick google search.

Once you have them, keep them zipped up. Create a roms folder wherever you want and place your roms in there. You can put them in the emulator folder but you don’t have to.

Open up emulator.ini in an editor

Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC 1

Set the Roms path to the folder where you have stored your roms.

Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC 2

A couple of other options that you might want to change later are:

Play in full screen with widescreen aspect ratio:

In the emulator.ini – set WideScreenWindow=0 ;Set widescreen in windows mode: 0 – 4:3, 1 – 16:9, 2 – 16:10

You will also want to set up your video in the front end:

Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC 3

Remove the cross hairs from the game

If you are using Demulshooter then this will be handeled in that but if not you can edit this line in the emulator.ini

DrawCross=1 ;Show Crosshair in gun games

The later will let you remove the cross hair.

Now start up the emulator, click Emulator and Load ROM.

Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC 4

That will bring up a list of all the model 2 roms. Click on the one that you want to play and you will be up and running.

The first time that you play a game, you may want to calibrate the gun. To do this, just press F2 to go into the test menu.

Play Sega Model 2 Light Gun Games on the PC 5

In that screen navigate with 1 to move up and 2 to move down.

Left click on the mouse/light gun will select an option.

Go up to Gun Setting and then Player one gun calibration. Follow the prompts to more accurately set up your light gun.

In came 1 is player 1 start and 2 is player 2 start

Playing 2 player

Unfortunately model 2 will not let you play with 2 light guns by default. Fortunately there is a solution.

The Demulshooter program is your go to solution for 2 player options where it is not supported by the emulator natively.

Its easy to get going.

Go to this page to get the latest version:,149714.0.html

Its updated quite a lot so its worth checking back if you have problems. The Author is active on that thread so read through it if you are having problems.

The wiki can be found here and has instructions for all of the supported systems/games.

Download it and unzip it..

You can find instructions for running it on model 2 here:

Its very straight forward though

First run the DemulshooterGUI.exe to configure it (one time only)

Set your device for P! and P2 and save the config for each.

Optionally, you can install some scripts specifically for the m2emulator to hide and change cross hairs.

Once that is done, close the program then run Demulshooter,exe with options for the emulator and rom ie -target=model2 – rom=hotd

You can see more on that in the instructions.

Its easiest to either create a shortcut and change the command or to script it so that it runs Demulshooter and then starts the game.

You need to run Demulshooter as administrator for it to work properly.


Full screen off screen reload fix if needed:

Try the dgvoodoo alternative graphics drivers if you are having any problems:

(Thanks to Jaybee for this one.)

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