Point Blank 3

Point Blank 3 is the third installment in the Point Blank series. Originally released in 2000 in the arcades, it was later ported to the PSX for a home release.

I love the Point Blank games and spent many hours in the Arcades playing them followed by many hours at home playing on the playstation with the classic G Con 45 light gun.

TO be honest, Point Blank 3 was my least favorite of the 3 with my favorite being the first. It is still a great game that’s tremendous fun to play.

It is available to play on 2 platforms, the PSX or on the Arcade version. They were different with the PSX version including more game modes while the Arcade only includes the more pure Arcade version.

I prefer the PSX one as it gives you more options and also lets you play Arcade if you want.

How can I play Point Blank 3

Obviously, if you want to play on the original PSX, you just need the console, 1 or 2 Gcon45 light guns and a CRT Monitor.

My preference is to emulate it and you can run it on the PCSX emulator with a backup of the original disc or you can play it on a MAME emulator with the ROM .

Follow the links to the emulator of your choice for instructions on getting set up and configuring a light gun.

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