Should you use the Psxfin Emulator

Should you use the Psxfin Emulator 1
The psxfin Emulator dashboard.

What is the Psxfin emulator?

The Psxfin emulator is a PlayStation one emulator for the pc that is also known as PSX Emulator. 

It was initially popular because of having very low system requirements but it has some pretty severe shortcomings that make it an unlikely choice for psx emulation nowadays. 

Firstly , it only emulates as a North American PlayStation. Most emulators will let you load whatever bios you want and that will make your emulated PlayStation play as if it is a Playstation from the same region as the bios. This means that copy protection is triggered in some games. 

The other major problem is that game compatibility is not great in Psxfin emulator- so a lot of games just don’t work and because the source code was never public ally released, it won’t get any better. There are some amazing ps1 emulators. Pcsx Reloaded being my favourite, especially for lightgun game’s so there isn’t really a reason to use Psxfin emulator. 

Psxfin emulator homepage

If you really do want to give it a try, the homepage with the Psxfin download can be found at:

Psxfin bios

Games for psxfin

memory card for psxfin

psxfin gameshark

psxfin download with bios

It’s not generally possible to download the Psxfin emulator with a bios in one package. The PSX bios is under copy write which means it’s illegal to download. It’s still easy enough to find a PSX bios through a google search but you will be best off looking for the emulator and bios separately. 

psxfin emulator download

The best place to download psxfin (now called psx emulator) is from the project site at ttp://

Again, I wouldn’t recommend it and would use PCSX Reloaded which is a much better emulator.

Psxfin latest version psx 1.13

The latest version is 1.13 released on August 27 2007 as PSX Emulator. 

Psxfin full screen

To put psxfin into fulscreen mode, you just press Alt+ Enter. If you are launching it though Launchbox and you want it to happen automatically, you could put that into a Auto hot Key script and have that launch the emulator.

Here is a great Tutorial:

Psxfin cheats

Many emulators have cheats built in in some way so you basically just have to activate them. Its not quite so easy with PSXFIN emulator but it can be done. This article should give you a good start on how to get cheats working:

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