Sinden Light Gun Update April 2020

The unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus is making everything more difficult to get done and this project seems to have been no exception.

The main delay that is has caused for the Sinden project is that the PCB engineer has been unable to get to his equipment for a time and that had held up the final design and ordering of the PCB’s

Sinden Light Gun Update April 2020 1

The Production shells seem to be just about done with a few minor issues that are being corrected and while progress has been made, the situation has been knocked back to where it was at the last update. Apparently there was an issue on one of the colors where shrinkage was messing with the smooth action of the recoil unit and this needs a change in the production process to fix it. 

Andy has posted pictures of the production shells in Red blue and black and they look amazing!

Andy has production quantities of most of the components and just needs the shells and the PCBs to begin building and packaging the guns up for delivery.

There is also a custom holster design that we will be able to buy if we want that fits to the contours of the Sinden lightgun  and looks really nice.

The take home is that the components should be ready and delivered in May unless there are any further delays which hopefully is looking less likely as there are only a few components left to complete and then shipping should happen in June.

I for one am getting pretty excited about this and can’t wait to get a hold of one!

See the full update here:

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