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Teknoparrot is an emulator that allows you to play arcade games from a number of PC based arcade machines.

Because those arcade machines were very close in design and operation to a normal PC, the emulation is easier than it often is for other systems (still not exactly easy though!)

It is made by a group called TeknoGods ans is supported by a Paetron. Paying users get first access when new games become available and also get more support through the Paetron site.

Fortunately the free version is fine for us and for light gun games

AT present the arcade systems supported by Teknoparrot are:

  • eX-Board (Maker: Examu. 2008-2011.)
  • Namco ES3X (2013–2018)
  • Sega Lindbergh (1.51. 2005–2015.)
  • Sega Europa-R (2008–2010)
  • Sega RingEdge/RingEdge 2/RingWide
  • Taito Type-X/Type-X2/Type-X3

This gives us access to a range of games that are almost impossible to play elsewhere because they werent released on other platforms.

This list of available light gun games for teknoparrot may not be exhaustive but its all the ones that I know about. (let me know in the comments if I have missed any)

  • Sega Lindenburgh:
    • House of the Dead 4
    • Lets Go Jungle
  • Model2
    • Behind Enemy Lines
    • Gunblade NY
    • House of the Dead
    • Railchase 2
    • Virtua Cop
    • Virtua Cop 2
  • Sega RingWide:
    • Let’s Go Island : Lost on the Island of Tropics
    • Let’s Go Island : Lost on the Island of Tropics 3D
    • Sega Dream Riders
    • Sega Golden Gun
    • Operation G.H.O.S.T.
  • Taito Type X Games:
    • Elevator Action Death Parade
    • Silent Hill the Arcade
    • Gaia Attack 4
    • Gundam : Spirit of Zeon
    • Gundam : Spirit of Zeon ( DualScreen )
    • Haunted Museum
    • Haunted Museum 2
    • Music Gun Gun! 2

Getting a lightgun to work with teknoparrot

One issue is that lightguns aren’t recognized out of the box with teknoparrot. We get around this by using the program DemulShooter.

You will find instructions for all of the games that Demulshooter can help with on its Wiki. Follow them exactly and also make sure that for Teknoparrot, you start Demulshooter in administrator mode before you load Teknoparrot. One issue that you may have is that because teknoparrot plays lots of other games and gets frequent updates, the author of Demulshooter only updates when there is an update to Teknoparrot that affects lightguns. The result of that is that you have to stick with an older version of tekknoparrot for it to wok with Demulshooter.

These older versions are hard to find so I have put the key ones here:

Teknoparrot version 112

Teknoparrot version 118

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