The best WII Lightgun games to play on Dolphin

The best WII Lightgun games to play on Dolphin 2

Dolphin is one of my favorite emulators. It is incredibly easy to set up and run, it produces really nice up-scaled versions of Wii gun games on modest hardware meaning that you get some of the best looking light gun games around. Most importantly though there is a big selection of games that you can play with a light gun.

The wii had its Wii Mote motion controllers that let you play a version of lightgun games. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough for line of sight aiming which ruins lightgun games for me.

Thats why its great to play these games through Dolphin. It lets you use your light gun and the games are already set up for it.

There are literally dozens of light gun style games ofor the wii, si I will undoubtedly miss a few out but I wanted to list my favorites here in no particular order – to give you a starting point of games that work really well.

Ghost Squad

The best WII Lightgun games to play on Dolphin 3

Ghost squad is a fantastic game. Its a standard rail shooter where you are part of a special ops team on various missions. There are a few extras like using an action button to rescue hostages as you go and sniper sections but at its heart and in the main, its all about shooting lots and lots of bad guys quickly, as they endlessly pop up top take you out.

It works out of the box with aimtracks or similar lightguns but it has on screen cross hairs. Fortunately you can calibrate your gun to the specific game and then turn off the cross hairs in the settings.

The best WII Lightgun games to play on Dolphin 4

There are 3 main missions which get progressively harder as well as training and other party minigames.

There is plenty of repeatability because each mission has several paths that you can take and to get 100% completion, you need to take each path (and complete it!)

One of my favorites!

House of the Dead: Overkill

The best WII Lightgun games to play on Dolphin 5

House of the Dead overkill is the second House of the dead release on the Wii after a compilation of HOTD 2 and 3. It is a very different visual style with significantly better graphics.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to say really. Its got everything that you need from a rails shooter and its a decent length for the genre.

Headshots are essential as everything is hard to kill if you are going for the body – so accuracy is key. If I had one gripe its that reloading seems to take too long but maybe I only think that because I am missing to often!

You can turn off the cross hairs on Overkill which is essential for the real experience.

If you enjoyed the other HOTD games then you will love Overkill and Dolphin on the Wii is the best place to play it.

One thing to note is that its a good looking game and runs a bit slower than others on Dolphin, so you need a slightly better pc to get the most out of it. If you are struggling then start the resolution of at native and work up to see what you can get on your machine.

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