Ghost Squad Gecko Codes

Ghost Squad for the WII was (and is) a great shooting game but if you are finding it challenging then we have you covered.

Here you will find all the gecko codes for ghost squad and you can use them either on the wii or through the dolphin emulator if you are playing it that way.

There are a few different versions of the game based on the region so make sure that you are using the codes for the right one as the codes are specific to the particular version of the disc.

Ghost Squad [RGSP8P]

If Increase Level 99 

C202F6E8 00000002

3C80000F 60844D29

9083001C 00000000

Always Quick Shot 

040BC22C 7C601B78

Always Head Shot 

040BFC48 3880000C

Always Head Shot Mission 2 Boss 

041026A4 38A00001

Hover To Detain Hostages 

040BCDCC 48000008

Single Click Clear Mine 

0410B84C 60000000

Freeze Mission 2 Stealth Meter 

040FE1E0 38000003

040FE318 7C601B78

040FE360 7C601B78

040FE2F4 7C802378

You Can’t Shoot Hostages Or Other Allies 

C20BCAC8 00000007

881F000B 2C00000C

41820020 2C000004

41820018 2C000040

41820010 2C000050

41820008 48000008

38A00000 2C050000

60000000 00000000

*Enemies can still shoot your allies, use the next code to stop that*

Enemies Always Miss 

040C1040 38800000

040C0FF4 3BA00000

Unlimited Flashlight Battery 

041010DC 60000000

Slow Down Hand-To-Hand Combat Events 

0410097C 60000000

04100980 7C601B78

Unlimited Timers

Unlimited Mission Select Time 

04036A8C 60000000

Unlimited Decision Time 

04038EA8 60000000

Unlimited Sniper Time 

040E848C 38030000

Unlimited Time To Pick Up Items 

0411F2A4 38030000

Unlimited Bomb Sub-Mission Time 

04107D40 60000000

Unlimited Basement Time 

041043E4 38030000

Unlimited Stealth Time 

040FE208 38030000

Unlimited Mine Time 

0410CF74 38030000

Unlimited Mission 1 Boss Time 

040F373C 38000002

Unlimited Mission 2 Boss Time 

041021CC 38030000

Unlimited Mission 3 Boss Time 

040EC234 38030000

Unlimited Circuit Breaker Timer 

041033EC 7C802378

Unlimited Mission 1 Restaurant Cover Time 

040F9C80 38030000

Another Mission 2 Decision Timer 

04106328 7C802378

Unlimited Mission 3 Ruins Cover Time 

040FA230 7C601B78

040FA400 7C601B78

Score mission 99999999

4A000000 80000000

145180D0 05F5E0FF

Infinite HP

04033F54 60000000

Infinite Ammo

040877F0 60000000

Infinite Spraymode

04088988 60000000


Infinite Timers

infinite mission select time

04036958 60000000

infinite decision time

04038D74 60000000

infinite sniper time

040E849C 7C601B78

infinite time to pick up items

0411F2B4 7C601B78

infinite bomb sub-mission time

04107D50 60000000

Infinite Basement Time

041042B0 7C601B78

infinite mission 1 restaurant cover time

040F9C90 7C601B78

Infinite Mission 1 Boss time

040F374C 38000002

infinite stealth time

040FE218 7C601B78

infinite circuit breaker timer

041033FC 7C802378

Another mission 2 decision timer

04106338 7C802378

infinite mission 2 boss time

041021DC 7C601B78

(CAC80 rifle can’t penetrate the cockpit so you have to shoot him before he gets in)

Infinite Mine Time v1.1

0410CF84 38000064

infinite mission 3 ruins cover time

040FA240 7C601B78

040FA410 7C601B78

infinite mission 3 boss time

040EC244 7C601B78


all guns have dot sight

0408912C 60000000

always have compensator

04088394 3860002D

04088398 4800000C

compensator lasts forever

04120404 60000000

Super Item Launcher

C211F268 0000001F

2C1D0000 408200EC

3FE0804D 63FFCFD8

A81F0002 2C004001

4082000C 38000017

480000A0 2C004002

4082000C 38000015

48000090 2C004004

4082000C 3800000F

48000080 2C004008

4082000C 38000009

48000070 2C004010

4082000C 38000021

48000060 2C004100

4082000C 3800001E

48000050 2C004200

4082000C 38000004

48000040 2C004400

4082000C 38000020

48000030 2C004800

4082000C 3800001F

48000020 2C005000

4082000C 38000022

48000010 2C006000

40820038 3800002A

3FE0C000 93E40000

90040004 1FE00028

3FC0803C 381EF370

7C00FA14 90040008

38000000 90040010

380001C2 90040014

7C9F2378 00000000

This code requires the nunchuk. Here’s how it works. While holding C, pressing any other button will give you an item. This allows us to load up to 11 items at any time. Since the previous two codes make most items obsolete, why would we want 11 item shortcuts? The reason is because the game uses item shortcuts to switch guns during events! We can use this code to switch to any gun at any time, even during events, cut scenes, or boss fights.


There’s more. There’s a secret grenade launcher that you can’t normally get, the GGL50. There are also “items” that cause the Action button to throw grenades of various types. I think the grenades were supposed to be an option that was cut out of the game before release, because it seems their collision detection with the floor is poor, so you have to spam grenades sometimes to get them to work. Some grenade explosions are small, others are quite large, and one’s even a smoke grenade, but it sucks ‘cos it doesn’t impair the enemy vision.


Here’s the list of items as given in the code. Remember that you have to press C + the button listed


Left – SG112 for shotgun – 0x17

Right – SPR11 for sniper rifle – 0x15

Down – M45R for pistol – 0x0F

Up – XMW21 for machine gun – 0x09

+ – Action button will throw flash grenade – 0x21

2 – lame (but secret!) GGL50 – 0x1E

1 – CPG7 for backup machine gun (better penetration, faster reloads) – 0x04

B – Action button will throw poison gas grenade – 0x20

A – Action button will throw smoke grenade – 0x1F

– – Action button will throw huge grenade – 0x22

Z – for user’s to replace (0x2A = GS upgrade)


Here is the nearly-complete list of items.


>=0x32 = death

0x31 = M209 (again?)

0x30 = Armor 2

0x2F = Armor 1

0x2E = High cap mag

0x2D = compensator

0x2C = blank??

0x2B = Dot sight

0x2A = Grenade GS upgrade

0x29 = Full Auto GS upgrade

0x28 = 3 shot burst GS upgrade

0x27 = 2 shot burst GS upgrade

0x26 = blank??

0x25 = medal

0x24 = first aid

0x23 = action button throws explosive grenade

0x22 = action button throws huge grenade with action

0x21 = action button throws flash grenade with action

0x20 = action button throws poison gas grenade

0x1F = action button throws smoke grenade (annoying)

0x1E = GGL50 grenade launcher (actually sucks)

0x1D = action button throws regular grenade

0x1C = SAW24

0x1B = CAC80 (single shot)

0x1A = CAC80 (single shot)

0x19 = SAN92

0x18 = ABG1

0x17 = SG112

0x16 = M4E

0x15 = SPR11

0x14 = SR308

0x13 = SPR3

0x12 = CAC82

0x11 = Guardian 1

0x10 = Guardian 2

0x0F = M45R

0x0E = P44M

0x0D = P4512

0x0C = PM6

0x0B = TM9V

0x0A = M209

0x09 = XMW21

0x08 = SAW24

0x07 = G50

0x06 = TR14

0x05 = AR4A

0x04 = CPG7

0x03 = TK1B

0x02 = MP10

0x01 = M94R

0x00 = XM-2119


If you want to change any of the items, look at the code for the multiple 380000xx’s and replace the xx with the byte for the item you want. I tried to choose default items with the best stats. In fact, the SPR11 has better penetration than mission 2 boss fight’s CAC80 – you actually *can* shoot him while he’s in the airplane cockpit if you switch guns with this code.


Unlock all 16 mission levels

C203820C 00000002

3800000F 901E0070

801E0070 00000000

(380000xx controls the number of levels open. 0F makes it 16, 10 would make it 17, 11 would make it 18. The game doesn’t appear to crash on higher levels, it just makes timers even shorter, enemies harder, and so on. Not sure how big it can get before crashing…)

Always quick shot

040BC23C 7C601B78

Hover to detain hostages

040BCDDC 48000008

Single click clear mine

0410B85C 60000000

Infinite clip

04087848 60000000

(don’t have to reload, works with side-quest weapons like sniper rifle/rocket launcher, doesn’t work with fully auto)

Infinite fully auto

040889E0 60000000

Take no damage from enemy fire

04033E20 60000000

(based off of g6flavor’s infinite health code)

Take no damage from friendly fire

04034178 60000000

(previous code doesn’t stop hostage damage)

freeze mission 2 stealth meter

040FE1F0 38000003

040FE328 7C601B78

040FE370 7C601B78

040FE304 7C802378

You can’t shoot hostages or other allies

C20BCAD8 00000007

881F000B 2C00000C

41820020 2C000004

41820018 2C000040

41820010 2C000050

41820008 48000008

38A00000 2C050000

60000000 00000000

(enemies can still shoot your allies, use the next code to stop that)

enemies always miss

040C1050 38800000

040C1004 3BA00000

always head shot

040BFC58 3880000C

(doesn’t work on bosses)

always head shot mission 2 boss

041026B4 38A00001

instakill switch on button 1 (need always head shot)

040BCAC4 7C651B78

284DCFDA 00000200

CC000000 00000000

040BCAC4 38A00001

E0000000 80008000

Starts off instantly killing all enemies on screen. Press 1 to turn it on and off. Requires “always head shot” to work. Requires “you can’t shoot hostages or other allies” or they die too.

infinite flashlight battery

041010EC 60000000

Slow down hand-to-hand combat events

0410098C 60000000

04100990 7C601B78

c and action buttons decrement mission select level

C2036880 00000003

3C60804D 6063CFD8

80630000 70634000

2C030000 00000000

action button by itself still increments mission select level

999,999 Exp (enough for Lv99, all Weapons and Customs)

04540D04 000F423F

Infinite Life (ported from ZiT’s jap code)

00033E23 000000B0


Infinite LIFE

04033E24 900300B0

The Number of Infinite Ammo & Blaze Infinity

04087904 907F000C

04088A9C 907E030C

044F92D0 00000000

Blaze is Infinite with any Kind of Weapon

0408F0FC 4BF74104

04003200 38000004

04003204 901E0020

04003208 4808BEF8

040888D4 90BF0020


It does not Support a Weapon Causing Overheat.

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