The Best PS3 Emulator For PC

The PlayStation 3 or PS3 for short, is one of Sony’s flagship gaming consoles that was launched in 2006. Even though it suffered a rough launch compared to the XBOX 360 with many developers complaining about how difficult it was to work with its architecture, it gathered momentum towards the latter stages of its lifecycle. 

This was thanks to an improved architecture in a smaller PS3 model that was released a bit later as well as blockbuster titles such as the uncharted series and the critically acclaimed The last of Us. 

It was later succeeded by the PlayStation 4 in 2013 however, many gamers are still able to enjoy PS3 games via an emulator on their PCs. With so many top-quality PS3 emulators out there, the one that stands out. This emulator is called RPCS3 and it is available to download free for windows PC 

RPCS3 emulator

The RPCS3 is in many people’s eyes one of the best If not the best PS3 emulator one can download and is compatible with Windows OS computers as well as Mac and has a user-friendly interface. No gamer like to work with an emulator that has a clunky user interface and even if you’re a novice when it comes to emulators, you should be able to use this one

Development of the RPCS3 emulator 

Programmers Hykem and DH developed this emulator in May 2011 and based on the way it runs, it is clear to see they put a lot of passion into it. Before moving their project to GitHub in August 2013, they started it on Google Code in 2011. It was released publicly in 2012 and the latest version (v0.0.7) was rolled out in August 2019.

RPCS3 requirements 

The minimum system requirements of RPCS3 include 4GB of RAM or above, Windows 7 or above, X86-64 CPU, PlayStation 3 .pup system software file, Modern Linux, or BSD (64-bit), Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable and a GPU – OpenGL 4.3 or greater.

Downloading and installing the RPCS3

This emulator can be downloaded free from plenty of websites by clicking the download button. Once downloaded, users will get a ZIP file or RAR which they must use WinRAR to open. When opened, there will see the PS3 emulator install file and they can run it on their device. As pointed out above, it is compatible with Windows OS, Macs, and Linux free. 

How many games can be played on the RPCS3

When this emulator was first rolled out, many gamers wondered how it would be able to run games without crashing or lag. This concern was due to the PlayStation 3’s complicated architecture which had caused many experienced developers in the industry some issues. 

With the PS3 having a very large library of games across many genres, this emulator runs them smoothly. It is estimated that there are over 3000 games on the PS3 and this emulator can play 1070 of them. This is close to half the games on a very impressive platform.

PlayStation 3 emulator alternative

PlayStation Now (PS Now)

People who own a PlayStation 4 know that it doesn’t have backward compatibility meaning it can’t play PlayStation 3. This is because it wasn’t built using the foundation of the PS3 architecture. To allow players to play PS2 and PS3 games without the use of an emulator, Sony launches a cloud-based streaming service called PlayStation Now (PS Now). 

For a monthly fee, players can stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 games from their TV or PC. If you opt to play games on this service using a PC, you can use the XBOX controller, DualShock 3, and 4. To have a smooth experience, it is recommended that one has 5mbps internet at the very least since the games stream straight from Sony servers. 

Benefits of PlayStation Now (PS Now)

  1. Plays PS2, PS3, and PS4 games – Players have access to some of their favorite games from the PS2 era to the PS4. 
  2. No need for a disc slot or large hard drive to play games – Since this is an online service coming from Sony servers, players don’t need to purchase any disks or have extra memory space on their console. They can stream games and play them although Sony has now added a feature that allows players to download games and save them on their dashboard.
  3. New games are added every month – With customers of this service growing on the time, Sony has made sure that they keep them happy by adding new titles to the service each month. 
  4. Players can use their DualShock 4 controller – There is no need for players to purchase an extra controller if they want to use PS Now on their PS4. They can play PS2, PS3 and PS4 games with the DualShock 4.
  5. Cloud saving – Players can save their progress via a cloud and not worry about taking up hardware memory.
  6. Doesn’t require specific specs to use the service – Players don’t need to worry about specific specs if they want to play games on PS Now. The main thing that is needed is a good internet connection and paying a monthly fee. 

Drawbacks of PlayStation Now (PS Now)

  1. Needs a good internet connection – If you need a country where the internet connection isn’t strong, you’ll have problems accessing this service because it requires a good internet connection. 
  2. Monthly subscription – PS Now is not a free service and players are required to pay a monthly fee in order to access it. 
  3. A limited number of games – As of August 2020, there are 650 games in the PS Now library which are considered limited however there are some cult classics, PS4 exclusives, and greatest hits for people to enjoy. 

Final thoughts 

The PlayStation 3 has some fantastic emulators but only one reigns supreme which is RPCS3. This emulator gives a gamer everything they need to enjoy their favorite PlayStation 3 games from responsive controls, great graphics, plus it’s free. It doesn’t cost a single penny to download and install this emulator on your Linux and windows.  It will run over 1000 PlayStation 3 games smoothly without any crashes, lags or freezes. 

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