Trigger switch Mods for Lightguns

These 3D printed kits replace the stock trigger button of video game light guns, with extremely responsive and pleasantly feeling arcade microswitches. I include 50-gram force ‘light touch’ switches with all of my kits. They allow for consistent and quick modification, and are all reversible in the event you wish to return back to stock configuration of your guns. Some kits such as the Guncon 2 can be even used to repair broken trigger pieces as they augment the original plastic.

I made them out of a personal interest in improving play control with light gun games, quicker action, no missed trigger pulls and an overall improved tactility. The plastic used is environmentally friendly PLA.

If you are interested in these kits then you can get more information from the creator on Twitter at @MagicTrashman

This video gives a really good overview of these switches:




PS1 Konami Justifier

16 bit Konami Justifier

NES Zapper

Sega Saturn Stunner

Sega Dreamcast Starfire

Sega Dreamcast HKT-7800

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