Virtua Cop 3

Virtua Cop 3 is the third installment in the virtua cop series. It was supposed to be released on the xbox but the release was cancelled in most regions.

It did get a release in Japan on the xbox though and so if you can find that version it can be played on the cxbx emulator.

How Can I play Virtua Cop 3?

Virtua Cop 3 was only released in the Arcades and on the Xbox (Japanese release only). You can emulate it on teknoparrot or MAME with the right ROMS or with CXBX Reloaded usaing the XBOX rom.

Check out this video of it being played with the new Sinden Light Gun:

It was a Arcade release and has recently become available to play (with some bugs) on technoparot as well.

Wikipedia page:

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