How to fix the vcruntime140_1.dll dolphin emulator error

The vcruntime140_1.dll dolphin emulator is a fairly common issue that people run into when trying to get up and running wit the dolphin emulator. Fortunately it’s an easy fix as well.

Basically, the dolphin emulator requires the latest VC++ runtime executable to be installed and if you either don’t have them or they are corrupted then you will run into this error.

What you should not do is go out and try to download that dll directly. Doing that would be a security risk and probably wouldn’t fix the issue anyway.

To fix it, all you need to do is to download the latest VC++ executables and install them.

You can get them here at this url: or you can search for them on microsofts website.

After installing them, you will need to restart the dolphin emulator and then it should just work!

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