Update to the Sinden Lightgun Kickstarter Nov 2019

Update to the Sinden Lightgun Kickstarter Nov 2019 1
Sinden Lightgun Final Shell

So it like like the Sinden lightgun is getting very close to the final product and delivery.

Andy just produced an update on the kickstarter campaign and it all sounds very promising.

This final shell design has been completed and there has been an injection mould produced to be manufactured by a company called Protolabs. It sounds like that is underway so there should be some shells ready soon.

The PCB has been finalized and a populated version is on its way to be tested.

Andy says that there are still changes to the recoil version but he will probably be putting together the non recoil version while he waits.

Possibly most excitedly, Andy showcased the Sinden lightgun running with the minimum border and it looks really great. Its quite thin and is hard to see in a lot of the scenes.
There are a couple of videos showing this off there is transformers – human alliance and Carnevil

Lastly, Andy confirmed that there will be holsters available for the lightguns at launch.

Al in all its a very positive update and it looks like units should be shipped for the updated delivery time of January. (Or even sooner if we are very lucky! Fingers crossed.)

Carnevil on the Sinden Lightgun:

Transformers: Human Alliance on Teknoparrot played with the Sinden Lightgun

2 thoughts on “Update to the Sinden Lightgun Kickstarter Nov 2019”

  1. Greetings and Happy Holidays!
    I am an independent, coin operated amusement game developer and I am currently developing a gun game that requires a rugged, commercial version of a handgun such as yours. I have been intrigued by your design interface and I’d love to share thoughts on whether you thought your product was ready to go into the arcades!

    Happy New Year!

    Mark Sprenger ~ sting2@rcn.com

  2. HI Mark. Thanks for your message. Id love to hear more about your game but I am not the creator of the Sinden lightgun.

    Give me a shout if you want to talk about your game or to do a review here though.


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