Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Cop 2 is one of the all time classic arcade light gun games. It features very similar graphics the the Time Crisis series but has a purer game play mechanic tat just involves shooting and reloading without having to duck and cover.

It is also one of the more widely available ports with versions available for the Arcade, PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast and the PC

How can I play Virtua Cop 2?

Obviously you can get one of the origional console, a CRT tv and the origional guns but I prefer to emulate it on a PC.

PS2 version – PCSX2

Arcade version – MAME

You can see it in action on pcsx2 in the elite edition here.

You could also buy the PC version if you can find it and skip the emulation!

Virtua Cop 2

Developed and released in 1995, Virtua Cop 2 is an arcade light gun shooter. SEGA is the publisher behind this game and it got a SEGA Saturn in 1996 with a PC release a year later. In 2000, it made its way to the SEGA Dreamcast. Two years later Virtua Cop: Elite Edition was released on the PlayStation 2 which features both the first and second games. 

Virtua Cop 2 Game length 

Just like the previous title, Virtua Cop 2 has 3 arcade original levels with the players following an automated path. What the sequel has that the original didn’t is a branching path. Players at some points in the game need to pick a route from two possible options. 

This is an option that wasn’t present in the first game. While many might argue that they wished the game was longer, it is great to see developers who prioritize quality over quantity. Virtua cop 2 takes gamers on a thrilling ride without overstaying its welcome. 


This game is not complicated at all and the objective is clear from the start, shoot bad guys. Players need to shoot enemies when they pop up on screen before they fire back or the timer runs out while not hitting any civilians. 

As players make their way through the levels, there are objects in the background that can be shot with some of them providing power-ups. Carrying on from the previous game is something called “justice shots” which require players to disarm enemies without killing them by shooting their arms. 

When players consistently hit their targets without killing civilians or taking damage, they increase their multiplier and earn more points. There is a boss fight at the end of every level which must be completed before moving on to the next stage. Each boss fight is different in its own right and requires players to think very quickly or they lose their lives. No two encounters are the same and each boss always brings something fresh to the table for players to deal with making the game very fun. 

Proving ground 

Virtua Cop 2 also has a mode called proving ground where players are out in an urban environment filled with thugs. The main objective is to fight their way through these thugs while hunting and taking out the other player. 


Michael “Rage” Hardy 

It’s been two years since the events of the first game and Micheal, together with his partner James are joined by a rookie named Janet Marshall. Micheal is still good at taking down bad guys and is known to be very quick on the draw during shootouts. 

James “Smarty” Cools

James is Michael’s trusted partner in crime and the two work side by side taking down bad guys. While his partner is known for his quick draw, James is the best shooter. 

Janet Marshall

Janet is a rookie cop that’s just been recruited into the police force. Even though she is the only female at the police force, she is very reliable in combat and wants justice for her dead partner. She is a wonderful companion on the quiet to clean the streets of Virtua City. 

Virtua Cop 2 Plot 

After defeating the criminal syndicate known as E.V.I.L inc, Micheal and James put its three leaders Kong, King, and Boss all in federal pen however, one member named Joe Fang is missing. It is believed that he died in a helicopter crash even though his remains were never found. 

With E.V.I.L out of the way, an investigation is launched on their illegal activities in the Virtual City bank. Meanwhile, at the police force, a new member is brought on board and her name is Janet Marshall. She is an expert in criminal psychology profiling and welcome addition to the team at the Virtua City Police Special Investigations Unit. 

Deep into the investigation of E.V.I.L inc’s illegal activities, the Vice President of Virtua City Banks dies mysterious circumstances and all the accounts under the crime syndicate disappear overnight. 

Across town, there is a robbery taking place at the biggest Jewelry store in town as well as some suspicious activities at a subway construction site. The team must spring into action again to bring law and order to the city.

Virtua Cop 2 Sound 

The sound and audio in a game can set it apart from other titles in its genre. Just like many action shooters out there as well as the previous game, the soundtrack is amazing because it was well composed by the developers. 

They made sure that they provided gamers with good background music while shooting enemies to add to the experience.  The sounds of bullets and guns in this game are top-notch and provide players with an immersive experience. 

The explosions in this game are not bad either and sound exactly as one would expect. The overall sound quality in this game is incredibly put together by a development team that cares about their game. 

Virtua Cop 2 Visuals

For a game that was released way back in 1995, the graphics are great. The character models and the environments in this sequel have been heavily improved from the first game. The gunfire effects as well as explosions look crip. Overall from a visual point of view, this title beat the first game in just about every department which is what a good sequel aims to do. 

Virtua Cop 2 Final Thoughts 

Overall Virtua Cop 2 builds on the groundwork that was laid down by the first game. The action is head spinning and the gunplay is very engaging because it puts players in the thick of the action. It has a few memorable scenes like the car chases and the moving train being a favorite for many gamers. 

Cleaning up Virtua city once again has never been so fun plus the game is filled with some destructible objects and environments. The game itself is visually stunning compared to the previous title and the sound effects from gunfire to explosions are very well done.

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