The best ps2 lightgun games

This video looks at the best light gun games that were available on the ps2 as well as playable with the ps2 lightgun, the gcon2. The best way to play these

The guncon 2 was released with Time crisis 2 and included a lot of extra buttons to allow you to navigate menus as well as perform other actions like duck.

It  does not work with modern tvs and does not work with ps1 games

The best way to play ps2 games on the PC is with the pcsx2 emulator

The first game is Time Crisis 2

You move from scene to scene shooting enemies and fighting against a time limit

Each scene has you start from behind cover and you press a button to move out and shoot. The Dialog is cheesy to say the least. It’s a great game and a lot of fun to play.

Vampire Night

Came out in 2001 from sega. Feels a lot like a time crisis but has some differences. You need to be very accurate as the hit boxes to damage are very small and the enemies move very fast. Its a bit of a pain but on the other hand, you need to get better to cope!

Reloading is with a button press and t instant which is cool. Like all these games the story is very weak but that’s just part of the charm!

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Part of the survivor series and features a third person view. It needs the dpad for movement so it’s not really a rails shooter and you have to have the gcon2 or be able to emulate it. It’s an interesting change to the genre. It’s not particularly great and does not really fit into the resident evil series but it’s definitely worth a look if you are looking for something new to add to your collection.

Finally Time Crisis 3

Released by Namco in 2003. Everything was upgraded and improved in this one. The graphics were better and the shooting mechanics are arguably improved.

When you duck, you can change your weapons by pressing a button and you cycle through them which works well as you need to be ducking anyway and it’s quick and easy to do.

There are also a lot more varied situations and experiences to play through such as moving on vehicles and moving through a downed plane. The boss levels are really good and well put together. It’s worth noting that some scenery is destructible and can act as a shortcut if you know what to shoot which makes replaying the game that much more fun.

That’s it for this video. It’s delivered with some humor which makes it entertaining to watch and it’s nice to relive these old games. Of course there are plenty of other great ps2 light gun games and you can find them all and the easiest and best ways to play them elsewhere on

My personal favorite on the ps2 was Virtua Cop: Elite Edition so check that one out if you get a chance!

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